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Who Runs the World? Girls

Cielo Melero | Posted on November 07, 2019

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Top female artists of 2019

This year has proven to be pivotal for women. According to the Billboard Hot 100, solo female artists have dominated the charts. This year alone, they have claimed eight out of the thirteen number one chart-topping singles. Together, women have held a number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for more than 21 non-consecutive weeks.

Female artists have struggled in the past to dominate the pop music charts, but three months into 2019, ladies have made their mark on music.

Chart-toppers that reigned supreme in 2019 include Ariana Grande, Halsey, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez. Ariana Grande led the way with her popular singles “thank u, next” and “7 rings.” She and Billie Eilish are considered 2019’s top consumed artists of 2019; however, I’d like to argue that Lizzo should also be included in that category. Another top female artist this year is Taylor Swift and her album Lover, which had a number one debut.

We can’t forget to mention the impact of Latin music. According to Nielsen, the Latin genre saw growth in pop hits, many of which were singles featuring English-speaking pop stars. One of the most streamed Latin songs in 2019 was Daddy Yankees single “Con Calma” which featured Katy Perry. Natti Natasha held a significant amount of streams for her single “ Me Gusta.” Some of my favorite Latinx artists from this year were Bad Bunny, Maluma, and Becky G.

Although Latinas did not dominate the cross over charts, they were still making waves. This year Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez, two Latinas, held number one spots on the Billboard Hot 100; an amazing and inspirational accomplishment for Latinas.

With two months left in the year, who knows what will happen. Selena Gomez’s newly released singles have topped the pop charts, and with her much-anticipated album, women may continue to dominate.



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