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Why Eco Voices Is Cool

Hello, my name is Daniela Guerrero and I am the host of Eco Voices. This podcast aims to provide listeners with everyday sustainability tips and accurate information on new eco-friendly research, technologies, and practices. Each episode offers listeners a conversation about sustainability. In the latest episode, I had the chance to talk to Thomas Aláan, an Appalachian-turned-Chicagoan who works at the intersection of music, environmentalism, and education. We discussed his experiences running the annual Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy at UIC, his goal of founding a new arts-focused environmental non for profit and we explored the relationship between music and environmentalism. To be honest, this might have been one of the most interesting conversations I have had so far; I wasn’t aware of how important music can be to promoting and advocating for sustainable practices. 

Nonetheless, I can’t forget about my conversation with research and product development beauty chemist, Alysha Mancha. We discussed the relationship between sustainable practices and the manufacturing industry. We also gained insight into how the Covid-19 pandemic truly affected Sustainable manufacturing. This conversation is special to me as it was the first episode I ever recorded and published! Additionally, it was truly fascinating to learn about the manufacturing process. How does the creation of our daily beauty and hygiene products affect the environment and how can we improve this process? You’ll have to listen to Eco Voices to know!

Eco Voices offers something for everyone, I invite you to give it a try! Eco Voices can be found in all podcast platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Apart from that, you can listen to Eco Voices live on Thursdays 4-5pm on UIC Radio.  


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