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Why Is It Important to Be Curious?

Ever heard the quote “have a childlike curiosity?” Most of us did but what happened? Our entire lives, we were told to have “a childlike curiosity,” and for a long time we did. Didn’t we? But what happens to us when we grow up that we stop being curious? Did adulthood kill curiosity in us? re we getting stuck in the daily routine and forgetting how to reinvent ourselves? When I started thinking about curiosity, many questions came to my mind, one of them being “do you have to be curious to achieve your goals?” I still remember myself asking hundreds of questions a day to my parents, Pestering them for answers that would help me get through many phases of my childhood. Looking back, that curiosity shaped some of my most cherished memories. Even now, the same curiosity made me write blogs, and the same curiosity made me learn to code, and even the same curiosity made me work on drones. When I started college, my mind shifted into getting perfect grades that somehow I was really not wondering about why and how what I was learning useful in my life.

College, one of the most exciting phases of my life! I was never this excited when I started high school because I started high school as a failure. Maybe people around me trusted me more about how I was thinking and how I was experimenting with different ways of learning. However, as soon as I stepped into college, things changed. My focus was not on exploring the curiosity behind what I was learning but instead, I was just fascinated by the ‘A’. The mid-term grades were out, and the grades satisfied me, but something felt incomplete. That is when I realized my mistake and started to change my study techniques. It took me a whole semester to realize that as much as getting an “A” will set your resume at the top of the list, which ever one u guys feel will work the best. It is always good to have ‘A’ in your resume but learning a concept will help you in real life.

Elon Musk is able to create wonders every day because of his curiosity in learning something new through every project that he completes. Mark Zuckerburg was able to invent Facebook because of his curiosity in social media, he never did it for a grade. If you ever want to invent something, or think out of the box, you need to be curious about learning. Many people might disagree with me, this article is not to argue, what is right or what is wrong, it is to say that having curiosity in what you learn will make you reinvent yourself.


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