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Why the Weeknd Won Coachella


Back in January everybody knew The Weeknd’s set was gonna be special when he was added to the lineup, then when he was given a closing set everybody knew abel had something special up his sleeve. Now after two weekends (no pun intended) of Coachella its pretty obvious The Weeknd was the clear winner and below are five reasons why he took the crown.

1. The Setlist

Its like the Weeknd knew exactly what the crowd wanted to hear when he hit the stage in Indio, California. His set consisted of his various hits off the trilogy like “Wicked Games”  & “The Morning” to a few standout tracks  off his album Kiss Land, then finally he played his most talked about tracks such as “Earned It” and “Often”.

2. His Freestyling Over Different Beats

During his set The Weeknd would do short freestyles over beats for the crowd, but the one that stood out the most was during the performance of the song “Or Nah” where he freestyled over the beat and it sounded incredible. (Skip to the 1:40 min mark)

3. The New Song He played

The Weeknd decided to play a new song from his upcoming album and its a banger. I’ve never heard him on something like this and I am extremely excited to hear the official version. The Coachella quality of the song isn’t as good as the one he played at a festival back in march, so the video below is the song from that performance.

4. He Brought Out Kanye

Eariier yesterday there was news that Kanye was at Coachella and immediately everybody thought he was gonna come out for Drake’s set sunday. Surprisingly he came out as a guest on the Weeknd’s set and killed it performing songs like “All Day” & “Don’t Like”. Abel also transitioned his guest appearance perfectly by singing heartless (I need the cover to that btw bc it sounded dope) and then Kanye came out to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. Watch Below.

5. Drake Eliminated himself from contention by making out with that old lady Madonna

Are you serious drake?? First of all Why would you have her OF ALL PEOPLE as your guest for your set, that makes no sense. Nobody goes to a drake concert hoping Madonna comes out, they want Lil Wayne or Big Sean  as the guests not some lady that been past her prime for a minute. Second, why would you let her kiss you like that on stage? Honestly, that was the corniest thing I’ve ever seen happen at a concert.


That concludes this special addition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25. See you next week.



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