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Why Valentine’s Day is the Best day to End Your Relationship

How cynical right? Wrong! Quite the contrary actually. Valentine’s Day is in fact the best day out of the year to dump your significant other. First off by dumping them on Vday you’ll allow them a solid 24 hours of crying and utter confusion and then the next day all chocolates and candies will be 50% off in stores. They can take out all their anger and sadness in the candy aisle in Target. Secondly, your now ex lover can join the millions on social media who despise Valentine’s Day and make a angry subtweet about how #stupid this day is. What is good about this you ask? Your ex now has their own support group to get through this breakup. Lastly, and most important if you ask me, by breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day you are forcing them to become a strong independent individual. How many times have you said to yourself, “Well I got through (crazy depressing event) so I can get through anything”? You ex will now be able to face every tough situation with a new face, and you’re the reason behind that. In a twisted way, breaking up with them on Valentine’s time is actually ensuring them a better handle in future situations. Let that marinate for a minute. 

On a different note, I hope you all had fabulous Valentine’s day, whether is was spent with friends or lovers. If you did get dumped, remember that you will pull through and if you did the dumping, high five.


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