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Wicker Park and all it’s classiness

I recently turned 21 and have been going all out trying to experience new bars, clubs and, restaurants.  So far I’ve been to the bars in Lincoln Park, Hubbard St, Taylor St, Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, and a bunch of other little areas. This being my first blog, I thought I would start off with one my top favorites. The one place that stuck out to me the most is Wicker Park. Yeah it’s pretty hipster and being a complete club head I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, yet, the area is just fantastic.  My top favorite spot there has to be this edgy lounge called ‘The Violet Hour’. The bar has it’ own house rules that make it a little different from most places you would go to. They have a strict “no talking on cellphones” policy which I think is genius. People actually get to talk and not shout like you would at every other bar. The place almost gives you an “Alice in Wonderland” feel. The almost non-existent entrance, the huge chairs, dark atmosphere, fireplace, teal green interior, and music collection make it a mesmerizing experience. The ‘Violet Hour’ doesn’t just have bartenders, but they actually have their own mixologist. The menu itself states, “No O-bombs. No jager-bombs.  No bombs of any kind. No Budweiser. No light beer.  No Greygoose. No Cosmopolitans.” The drink menu is a wide range of mixed drinks with every kind of liquor. The drinks are simply phenomenal. I got three drinks and I remember walking out all fuzzy and feeling completely awesome. I got the ‘Brooklyn Dodger’ and the ‘Tickle My Dickel’, both whiskey based and very delicious. I also got the ‘Tuck and Roll’ which is vodka based. All the drinks were pretty great. Of course it is a bit of a wait before you get seated, but the wait is worth your time. It’s a classy joint and even the house rules say, “please do not bring anyone to The Violet Hour that you wouldn’t take to your mother’s house for Sunday dinner.”  I would definitely recommend this place for all the people who are looking for a place with great atmosphere and most of all, extremely good  drinks.



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