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Winter Hair Colors


So a while ago I did a post about fall/winter fashion trends and I got the idea to also cover hair color!!

With the fashion seasons, come hair seasons!! There are often patterns with who is dying their hair. Last spring the color green was huge. Literally, even I did it and istg I saw it everywhere I looked.

Blonde was also big over the summer, it comes with the warmer weather and wanting more sun as well as that sun-kissed look.

With Fall and the trees changing, makes people wanna match the trees with oranges and reds.

For Winter I am sensing cool-toned dark browns as well as blues (and no that is not because I dyed my hair blue). Dark reds will stay in season, but the overall color will darken and match the ever-dimming sunlight.

That’s all for this week!! I hope everyone has a great homecoming weekend!!


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