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Wolf by Tyler, The Creator, 10 Years Later

Tyler is continuing his hectic month of releases by dropping the 10 year anniversary edition of his sophomore release, Wolf.

Wolf + Instrumentals Album Cover by Mark Ryden

After a few months of mild inactivity, Tyler is back feeding fans even more new content. Tyler is fresh off his new release, Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, which features 8 new tracks that previously didn't make the album. The release was met with 4 music videos, merchandise via his street wear brand Golfwang, and non-stop tweets to promote the release on Twitter. However, about a week after this release, fans in New Zealand noticed Spotify started to promote yet another Tyler release. Fans quickly discovered that Tyler was re-releasing his sophomore project, Wolf. Unlike The Estate Sale, there was no promo leading up to this release causing the album to seemingly drop out of the blue.

The new 10 year anniversary edition of Wolf features the original track list with no changes, but also includes instrumentals of all the songs on the album. The only change to these tracks come on the instrumental side of the album where track 10, “PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer,” has been split into 3 separate tracks.

Image from Golfwang

The morning following the release, fans were met with a shock drop from Tyler's streetwear company, Golfwang. The merchandise is a 'restock' of clothing and vinyls that are originally released in 2013 to promote the album. The brand expressed on Instagram that this was to celebrate the 10 years and give new fans access to older clothing that they weren't around for. Some of the original clothing can go for hundreds of dollars on the resell market, so the accessible new merchandise caused divide amongst fans.The shock drop includes the 'new' merchandise with minor color tone/quality changes, a previously unreleased friends & family letterman, and includes a new vinyl box set version of Wolf. The merchandise is available at the NYC & LA Flagship stores and available online for pre-order until April 13th.

You can check out the drop here on Golfwang.

You can check out the Anniversary edition of the album on Spotify or Apple Music.

— Omar Canizales



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