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You Have the Voice of a Car Muffler

Ask any one of my 5 roommates who sings the most in our apartment and hands down they would all say me. Sadly, for them anyway, I have no singing voice to be proud of. I just love the feeling of pretending I’m Ellie Goulding singing to millions of fans. I’m sure at times you have been guilty of committing the crime of singing out loud with the voice of a car muffler. Unless you are one of those people who was a child prodigy when it came to singing, in your high school’s highest choir, and are currently being looked at by record labels. I have dedicated this post to the 3 types of people who sing out loud.

 1. Tone deaf Tammy who is not ashamed

This person often sings out loud to a song when it comes on the radio, but is fully aware that they aren’t the next Lana Del Ray and they admit this. You admire their honesty and they are the perfect singing partner because they do not care if they are hitting the right notes, just as long as they are close enough.

 2. The “I took private singing lessons when I was younger, so I’m decent” even though they are nearly as bad as Tammy over there person.

Now this person, for whatever reason, truly believes that their voice is comparable to that of Carrie Underwood. Though they do hit some notes perfectly, 80% of the time they are completely off. You don’t dare tell them because they get too defense and state something along the lines of, “Well I’m better than you”. They don’t make such a great singing partner because they constantly try to prove their natural “talent” for singing.

 3. The Beyonce

Seriously. We all have that one friend who is incredible at singing, and truthfully we love hearing them sing. They have been a song bird since they were young and can tune up beautifully with any song. They don’t boast about their ability because they have enough confidence that they don’t need to be told how good they are. These make for the WORST singing partners for one simple reason. You sound like a giant pile of poop singing with them. Let them handle all the singing parts and you just make sure you have the rap part memorized so you have a chance to shine as well. 

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