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♡⋆*.⋆ your safe space. ♡⋆*.⋆

During quarantine, being in my room 24/7 made me dread being home. I was bored spending time in my room. I actually never enjoyed being in my room even before Covid-19 and sometimes I think it was because I didn’t appreciate “me time.” It was also an “era” of mine where I was trying to figure out who I was in terms of style, aesthetic, etc.

I think creating an environment where you feel comfortable

When I became more aware of my inspiration and what I aspired to be and what style I wanted to have, many things began to fall into place. Your safe space, in this case your room, should represent you and should help distract you from

As we continue to grow, our safe space can become more than one space, but it should be clear to you and me, where or who that safe space is and why we enjoy it so much.



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