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Zoo Trespasser Arrested

Diamond Sappington | Posted on November 15, 2019

Bronx Zoo

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Case Summary

Does anyone remember the young woman who was caught on video climbing inside the lion’s enclosure at the Bronx Zoo? Well, she has just been arrested. In the now-viral video, the perpetrator, whose name is Myah Autry, can be seen taunting the lion. She jumps up and down dancing and waving at the lion and it looks at her antics in total confusion. Luckily, no one was injured. However, there are two things wrong with this video that need to be addressed: mental illness and animal cruelty.

Mental Illness and Animal Cruelty

Myah and the lion

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Mental health has become a huge topic of discussion among social media and other organizations. There are a lot of people that are living with a chemical imbalance and this causes them to do things that aren’t normal. The fact that Myah thought that it was logical for her to enter such a dangerous territory shows that she either doesn’t value life or she really does need to seek professional help.

In addition, there is a case of animal cruelty here that no one seems to be addressing because I’m sure the lion was terrified for its life. Animals don’t know what to think when someone enters their territory and so their first instinct is to react. Thank God the lion stood its ground and didn’t attack Myah even though she was in full violation.

After a lengthy search, Myah finally surrendered to the police. She has been charged with two accounts of criminal trespass. Let’s hope that this is a learning lesson for all and that Myah gets the help she needs.



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