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42 Keez – 4 CHI CITY RECAP

Recently on 4 CHI CITY RADIO42 Keez came through with new music and latest on updates. Here’s a recap of his interview.


Name your top five favorite artists? 

In no particular order; Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, Paramore, Bump J, and last spot is tied between King Louie and Lil Herb.

I’m a big fan of authenticity. Even if these particular rappers exaggerate sometimes, I can’t deny that feeling of relativity and familiarity I get when I listen to them. I can relate to their music Bump J and Meek still gonna give you those bars, along with the stories… you feel me? And Paramore, just takes you away… Plus I’m crushing on Hayley and really want to do some music with her.

What inspired you to become a Hip Hop artist?

The platform in it’s entirety. It as an outlet to speak freely to all people. The competitive nature of it. I’ve always been a competitor. Growing up, I was always playing a sport, and the (rap) game is no different. I also have my hands in production, creating beats. I feel that I have a lot to offer the industry, so that’s why I keep striving.

Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? …or most memorable moment.

My biggest accomplishment has to be producing the song ‘Bath and Bodyworks’ for Twista. He went ham!

My biggest moment.. Having a fan send a picture holding my Bar-Tillery mixtape on the top deck of a navy ship in the middle of the ocean. That’s just crazy!

What is something you want people to know about you as an artist?

My passion. I’m always trying to find little nuances I can use to set me apart. I love producing and rapping equally. The fans don’t really know how much effort and hours goes into finding that perfect snare/hi hat to make a beat cohesive, and the perfect flow pattern at a certain point that feels right, while finding a sentence within it that makes sense. All these things get overlooked until you actually see it in action, then you understand.

Tell us something about you that people may not know?

I think I’m addicted to drinking energy drinks, and Katanas. Ha!

What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago?

Man!! The overall violence in the city amongst the black community is abhorrent. I hate it, even more so when you live in the particular area where it’s the highest in the country. Senseless shootings and killings…. I can not help defending the integrity of my fellow Chicagoans when they do stuff like that.

Ergo, you can go anywhere else in the world and won’t find a place that makes you feel like you do when you come to my city. The culture, the slang everyone tries to copy… the food, the smell of the air, the land marks, it’s unlike anywhere else in the world. And whenever I travel, I miss my city. It’s the crib for real.


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