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5 Animal Celebrities You Should Be Following on Instagram

Let’s be real for a sec. Life is stressful and, if you’re anything like me, coming across random spurts of animal cuteness while scrolling through your social media feed can make an overwhelming day feel a bit more tolerable. Trust me, I’m a doctor (PhD in Cute Studies).

Whether you’re stuck at the office, drowning in a sea of assignments, or you need to replenish your dangerously low levels of cute-amine, just take a look at this list of some of the top animal celebrities Instagram has to offer:

Marutaro, Japan


Marutaro – Instagram

If you have a weakness for pointy eared dogs, this is the fluff-pup for you. Located in Japan, seven-year-old Shiba Inu Maru is an international sensation and is noted as one of the top followed animal celebrities on Instagram with 2.3 million followers.

Maru is SUCH a big deal that TIME Magazine even named him “Best Dog in the World” for being so well-roundedly relaxed and active.

His page is a must follow for the finest in doggy fashion, basking in his scenic adventures in Japan, and fluffiness on fluffiness.

Also, his followers are super important to him. He wishes them goodnight every night with a sleepy, snuggly photo.


“Good night!” [Marutaro] – Instagram

Lil BUB, Bloomington, IN


“BUBurrito” – Instagram

BUB was the runt of her litter and had a hard time in her early years, having been born with several genetic mutations. Her short lower jaw and lack of teeth prevent her from being able to close her mouth properly, but that doesn’t stop her from living it up!

Lil BUB is the top followed cat on Instagram with 1.1 million followers.

The people love BUB for her cuteness, but more importantly because she and her owner Mike Bridavsky passionately support and raise funds for pets with special needs by selling Lil BUB merch!


Lil BUB – Instagram

Doug the Pug, Nashville, TN


Doug the Pug – Instagram

If you’re looking for the life of the party, look no further. Doug is hands-down the most fashionable, pop culturally aware, well-traveled, and all around relatable pug in the nation.

He’s traveled all across the nation, tasting the best foods in town and rubbing snouts with top celebrities like Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Steven Tyler, to name a few.

Doug’s 1.4 million Instagram followers love how they can relate to his interchangeably adventurous and lazy personality.

And the best part about Doug? He’s got mad love for Chicago!


“MVP = most valuable pug” [Doug] – Instagram

Pudge the Cat, Minneapolis, MN


Pudge – Instagram

Another notable feline to keep on your radar is Minneapolis native Pudge the Cat. She appeals to the lethargic introvert in all of us, and she definitely knows how to chill in style 24/7.

Pudge is most famous for her luxurious white mustache and her overly sassy cattitude (she’s no stranger to RBF).

She’s best friends with Lil BUB and is also very passionate about reaching out to her 551k Instagram followers by setting up meet and greets.

Her love for her fans is the only thing that gets her out of bed…and food of course.


“Dinner time love rubs” [Pudge] – Instagram

Calico the Hedgehog, FL


Adventures of Calico – Instagram

Two-year-old African Pygmy hedgehog Calico is the definition of compact cuteness. This little gal is extremely photogenic and likes to nestle in every tiny, cozy nook she can find.

Her 84.6k Instagram followers love her zest for life and attention to donating to charity. For her 1st birthday, her fans helped her raise $1,000 for Charity: Water, a campaign that aims to provide water to less fortunate areas all over the world.

This teeny traveler has explored the nation from coast to coast, posing in front of the most scenic and influential places in the U.S.!

Check her out in D.C. in front of the White House! #Calico4Prez


“Happy #fourthofjuly from the White House!” [Calico] – Instagram

That’s a wrap for me today. Have a stress-free, cute animal filled week!



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