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A Family Once More

Last week Disney acquired Fox and various of it’s properties such as: Avatar, FX, National Geographic, The Simpsons and most importantly the X-Men and the Fantastic Four which now makes the film rights of Marvel characters a whole for the most part. 

The X-Men have had it’s fair share of ups and downs in the cinematic aspect; for example X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the Deadpool film poking fun at Origins and the X-Men films timeline. But some ups would be Deadpool and Logan which were two great movies. However, the Fantastic Four hasn’t had such luck with all their film attempts being bad to me. With the rights of the X-Men and Fantastic Four and all their related properties being back under the Marvel banner, they can be made how they should be. For example now we can see the X-Men and Avengers cross over or the Avengers and Fantastic Four, or the various TV properties like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, Netflix shows crossover with The Gifted or Legion.


Now how can you build the universes up?

There are some ways; for example, keep the New Mutants under the MCU banner as it seems its not tied down to any of the X-Men timelines. Deadpool you can keep going with a proper trilogy, as he’s Deadpool and can just show up in the MCU if he wants. There are also the Gifted and Legion which the timelines are also not explained or in an alternate universe. So there are ways in which you can build the new X-Verse around those properties which can also be tied into the MCU. There can also be a post-credit scene in Black Panther of a woman who can control the weather which is Storm who is a X-Man. Another post-credit scene could be an introduction to Namor the Submariner who is sometimes a enemy of Black Panther and a mutant, who has been teased in some Marvel films, but never fell through.


To introduce the Fantastic Four, one way would be with Avengers Tower being rebranded to the Baxter Building which is where the Fantastic Four live, and can also introduce Doctor Doom with a small reference to a dictator in Europe. Characters like the Silver Surfer and Galactus can be introduced in Guardians Vol 3. Additionally, Super Skrulls in Captain Marvel as the premise is her against the Skrulls. There can also be an opportunity to have a big cosmic type storyline with the Guardians, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Thanos and his Black Order of they survive Infinity War.


I feel this would be great to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to introduce new characters and to unite various characters that many people want to see crossover; such as the Avengers and X-Men as Avengers vs the X-Men over the Phoenix Force. Another possibility would be the Illuminati which consists of various leaders of various groups in the Marvel Universe: Iron Man, Professor Xavier, Namor, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, and Doctor Strange who are a covert group of heroes that have some sort of power in the Marvel Universe. Another possibility would be World War Hulk which was a storyline of Hulk returning to Earth to exact revenge on the Illuminati for sending him to another planet and him turning a new leaf, but the ship he was on exploding and killing his wife and child. There are various stories that can be told with the various characters returning to Marvel. Additionally, it also means that Marvel Comics can start pushing the X-Men characters and Fantastic Four comics more as they’ve been lacking for quite a while, just recently picking up, and can push more of the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties.


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