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  • Daniela Guerrero

A Genre-bending Night with Binki and Ernest Rareberrg at Sleeping Village on July 30.

Binki announced his North American tour back in April and when I saw this announcement on Instagram I panicked and immediately bought myself a ticket!!! I couldn’t believe it. I discovered Binki in 2021 and since then I have profoundly admired his unique approach to music. Influenced by a variety of genres every single one of his songs feels fresh and fun. Drawing from dance, disco, R&B, hip-hop and many more beats, listening to Binki is an adventure of sounds that will most definitely keep you on your feet, if not dancing all night. Not only are his songs melodically and instrumentally revolutionary, his lyrics are just as clever and catchy.

I was so excited for this show that I had a whole countdown, A COUNTDOWN! When I thought it couldn’t get better, I decided to ask Sleeping Village for a media and photo pass, very quickly I was emailing with one of the coolest people ever, Sam Murphy, Assistant Marketing & Video Specialist at Sleeping Village. I not only got permission to write a blog (spoilers: this blog) about my concert experience and photograph Binki during his set, but I also had the opportunity to give out two tickets for this concert live on my UIC Radio show, Sage Mode! Tune in to Sage Mode every Thursday to discover new music <3 @SageModeRadio. When I tell you I manifested this, I am so serious, because I had already decided that my show would be dedicated to Binki in preparation for his show! So giving tickets for his concert during this show was just perfect. I said this on air but I wanted to share this once again because wow, giving tickets out is always cool but giving tickets for Binki’s show was so special to me, I was giving someone the chance to experience some of my favorite songs live + the chance to bring someone with them!

The Show : Ernest Rareberrg

Starting with a dramatic and theatrical entrance, Ernest Rareberrg, an independent genre-curving newcomer named Best New Artist by Pigeons & Planes, took over the stage in priest clothes while holding a bible. He gave an always changing performance that kept the public engaged and excited, he was giving this show his absolute all; in fact, he "died" and came back as an angel to finish his set. Dedication.

Ernest has a six-single ethereal discography that transports you to a world of ever changing dreamy beats. With his debut single, "Tearing Me Apart," being released in April of 2019 and his latest single, Blimp, being released in early June of this year! It is impressive how cohesive his discography is, showcasing an artist that knows his style and knows exactly what he wants to put out for listeners. Ernest Rareberrg is preparing to take everyone by surprise with his songwriting and artful stage presence.

I must admit Ernest was the perfect opener for Binki. With a similar love to genre-bending and instrumentals that get under your skin, both complemented each other magically.

My favorite Ernest Rareberrg song is his 2020 single, "Secondary Handstand!" Give it a listen:​​

After the show I got the opportunity to ask Ernest Rareberrg a couple questions.

What inspires you to make music?

I have this innate feeling that I have to do it, I wake up every day and everything I think about helps me create music. Is just a way for me to express myself in different mediums and having fun. Making music is true to who I am.

He also shared with me his favorite song ever and his own favorite song!

The Show: Binki

I got to the show about 30–40 minutes before it started, and I got to see fans lining up. A group of friends were trying to decide if they should ask Binki to sign their wallet, and if so, how they should go about it. Seeing them nervously excited made ME nervously excited! A couple rushed into the crowd holding a "wiggle" song, and then I realized that one of my favorite artists was going to be a meter away from me in a matter of minutes! AHH!

From juggling water bottles to dancing and joking, Binki’s set had it all! But I must highlight how down-to-earth, sweet, and fun he was, not only as an artist but as a person. He never stopped interacting with his audience, giving this concert a comforting, cool aura that aligned perfectly with the venue, Sleeping Village. Located in the Avondale neighborhood, Sleeping Village has everything you need for a good night out: colorful murals, a bar, and a patio. It’s the coolest concert venue in Chicago by far!

Playing hits from his latest EP, Antennae, released in June 2023, the crowd found itself singing and dancing to songs like "Rocket Ship" and my favorite from the new EP, "Hotel Window." Taking us back to his debut single, "Marco," released in 2018, Binki took us on a trip throughout his discography. With unpredictable lighting that brought the show to the next level, Binki kept every single soul in that venue smiling and jumping. Fun fact about Binki: he studied acting and performance at UNC Greensboro in North Carolina. This makes so much sense after seeing him live, his show feels like a movie with a stage presence that makes it impossible to take your eyes off him and his bandmates.

Binki’s music is magnetic, it finds its way back to me every couple weeks, and I can’t compliment him or his music enough. His music is an experience, and you don’t want to miss out, I promise.

My top 3 Binki songs in no specific order:

  1. Binki’s 2019 debut song - "Marco"

A love song with immaculate vibes and bold passionate lyrics that cut through a perfect fusion of rap and hip-hop.

“I know you got it all figured out, girl

But let me be the person you could lean”

“I think I'm in love with you, girl. Nothing I won't do for you”

“Forever is our destination”

  1. "Sea Sick"

Binki’s most popular song on Spotify! And for a reason! Who wouldn’t want to be told “you could be my sunshine even when it’s grey”

“At least I'm sinking right beside you

See there's no one like you

It's not an obsession

I just need to find you”

“You feel whatever the degrees in a sauna

You feel like the key to unlocking a safe”

  1. "Revolve"

A 2:52 mins song with a fast paced dynamic beat with traces of pop, funk, and classic rock. This song leaves you with a sense of urgency and fuels you with energy to take over the world. A song about how opposites attract, the playful interaction of drums and guitars resembles the magnetism of such relations.

“Whenever I'm alone, I meet you in my mind

You keep me on my toes, my baby for the time

I wonder what to say, it's not important

I feel the same, I wonder where it goes”

“If you ask me why I'm here

I say

Cause you're just like me"

The Sweetest End

To wrap up such a good show, both Binki and Ernest Rareberrg along with their bandmates, decided to spend time with the audience and very casually just chat with everyone. This was so unexpected to me, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one surprised. It was the sweetest end to a great concert and a great night.


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