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A Glimpse (A Short Story)

Lily is an 11 year old who lives somewhere.

Their partner of 3 months, whom they have hugged twice and had a conversation with once face to face, has just broken up with them.

They feel devastated.

Like they may never recover again.

This unfortunately won’t be the last time they feel this way.

But what they don’t know now is that they will recover.

Life will one day make sense.

High School will be confusing.

They will change their hair multiple times and multiple colors.

They will leave behind very few memories and one teacher who somehow became their favorite person.

Unfortunately, they won’t be an Olympic track runner.

Like they once hoped.

But they will stick with it through college.

Through this they will make so many lifelong friends.

Shoulders to cry on.

And laughter that will fill them with joy beyond understanding.

The constant turmoil and confusion of exiting adolescence and eventually entering adulthood will one day subside.

The sun will one day become that much sweeter.

A twenty minute walk will somehow remind them that life is worth living.

There will be ups and downs, that’s a given.

But one day they will wake up and be themselves, without a second thought.

Which sounds kind of silly.

But one day the imaginary constant chatter in their head of what other people think of them will disappear.

They will recognize that they are not their emotions.

They will meet the love of their life through a chance encounter at 27 at a friend’s birthday party.

They will be a parent to five healthy beautiful kids.

They will watch them grow and become independent.

Which will ultimately hurt.

But how blessed are they to have raised such beautiful people.

Lily will live to be a grandparent.

And spoil their grandchildren as grandparents do.

And Lily will ultimately pass on.

Lily will live to be 87.

Their head filled with a serene peace.


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