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Was it really a mistake?

I re-read my previous blogs, starting from January 2023 up until now, and I can see how much growth has happened within me. The breakup was something I thought I would never get over. I saw this person as my other half, but as quickly as I fall in love, I can easily lose it when disrespected. When I first wrote that blog in January, I didn’t know I was getting cheated on. I can finally say I have moved on from the person, and I no longer love them, but I have not been able to forget their actions or how cold they were towards me because they were unfaithful.

The breakup ended on the worst terms possible, and I was blamed. They legitimately told me they never saw us lasting. They came up with every excuse in the book so that I could be the one to end it. I was never going to make myself an option, so I left. I tried saving the relationship afterward because, at first, I thought it was a dumb reason just because he was blaming me for something seen out of context (keep in mind I still didn’t know I was getting cheated on; I connected the dots a few weeks later lol), and he told me he was finding peace “alone” and didn’t have to worry about me.

It was the best decision to leave this person. The side of the person I saw at the end made me hate them in every way possible. I can’t ever see myself with someone who made me feel so worthless and who cheated on me for no reason. I was a very good partner and supported them in everything, and I genuinely care about all the relationships I have with people, so my advice always comes from a good place in my heart. He never gave me my place, even when I ran into them and the person they cheated on me with, and now he wants to come back. It is far too late to try to come back when they allowed someone else into their life while I was still by their side.

Fifteen-year-old me would be laughing at myself and saying I told you so. I don't know why I thought this person was different. They ended up being the worst. With all this being said, make sure you cherish your friendships and family so much that you love them as much as you love yourself. You cant love someone if you don’t love yourself and that was their mistake, they didn’t love themselves so why did I expect to be loved by them.

I like to consider the breakup as a BREAKUP, some people are dealing with

much worst. A breakup is the universe and God working together to throw the trash out. That person was not meant to be in your life. I will never understand why cheaters are cheaters, but if you have been with one in your life, don't let them take away your spark. I lost the glimmer in my eyes and my humor for a quick minute, but I am 98% myself now. I am not happy this situation happened, but it made me stronger and even more mature. I am also glad I can set an example for my loved ones not to deal with people who don't value your worth and disrespect you. Throw away everything related to them, erase the pictures, and start living life for you. I was very independent even with this person but (obviously) depended on them emotionally. Now, I focus on myself and making myself feel better from the outside and inside. When I found out I was getting cheated on and all the dots connected 3 weeks later, I only shed 3 tears because I had already cried a river right after we broke up. You are worth so much more than someone who can’t value themselves.


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