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A Musical Treasure Discovered

I have too much music.  As problems go, I guess that’s not a bad problem to have.  CD’s sit unlistened to since I just don’t have enough time to get around to playing them.  I don’t have a lot of spare listening time between my regular job, preparation for my show,  and the multitude of TV shows that I try to keep up with before the DVR disc is full.

People send me lots of CD’s for my show, and I listen to as much as I can. That means there is little time in my life to listen to music for pleasure, so CD’s that I have bought usually go unlistened to for some time, usually until I have to check them out for an upcoming show feature.  Such was the case with Santah’s debut album “White Noise Bed.”

I saw Santah live in October of 2011 at The Cubby Bear in Chicago, opening for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (now knows as JR JR).  I must have enjoyed their set, since I bought a copy of “White Noise Bed”.  Here’s the thing:  If you give me your CD at a show, I am compelled to listen to it ASAP and play the songs that I like on the show.  However, if I buy your CD, it goes into the pile of “music not listened to”, and I will eventually get around to it and then play it on the show if I like it.

So the CD sat around in the piles of music that I haven’t listened to.  I will be honest, I may have mistakenly thought it was an Ezra Furman CD that I hadn’t listened to yet at some point.  I had recently read an article about Ezra’s latest and it sounded interesting, so I went looking for any old promos or CD’s of his that I haven’t listened to.  That’s when I came across “White Noise Bed”.

As Santah is a Chicago band, I made a point of putting it in my “listen to when you can” pile.  I was finally able to listen to it this week, and it’s a really good album, especially for a debut.  Every one of the 11 songs is worth listening to, and I especially like “No Other Women”, the second track (video in the link below).

The album was released independently on May 6th, 2010, and on the No Sleep Records label on June 7th, 2011.   From Wikipedia:  “Santah has described White Noise Bed as a break up record, ‘trying to understand the separation between two people, the journey of two people from point A to… where ever it went.'”

So eight years after it’s release, I am recommending the album, and since it’s been a while, you can get a used copy for $1.00 or a new copy for $4.82 at Amazon.  Better late than never, I guess,  And discovering unheard great music is what the “Hidden Treasures” show is all about.


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