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A Resolution Not on Your List

I feel that break flew by, at least mine did, and here we are jumping into second semester already. This could be one of many semesters for many of you out there. For me though, its luckily and sadly enough, my last semester as an undergraduate.

One thing I have been thinking about constantly is what I will end up doing after I graduate. But more importantly than that, what am I looking forward to do? And that’s what I want to ask you as a reader.

Most people look forward to work, continue school, find an internship, etc… which are all things I have also been once consumed with as well. But the question remains, have you purposefully thought of going somewhere? Traveling? Discovering? Temporarily stepping outside your known world?

This is one task you should have on your to do list this year. Don’t let your lives be consumed with the everyday hustle and bustle. Don’t rob yourself of your days and time without making time to go further into discovering yourself. Change your settings, at least temporarily. Plan a trip somewhere, even if its to your neighboring state.

“Travel is supposed to be about a departure from the familiar. Whether the setting is the parched Kalahari Desert or the barrel-vaulted space of a Florentine cathedral, the point is to relinquish your everyday self to new surroundings and a new context. But there is another journey; one in which self knowledge is the very goal, with the route and even the destination secondary to that pursuit.” – Condé Nast, Travel

So where will you be? What will you be looking forward to this semester? Or perhaps during this semester? What stories will you bring back?

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