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A Short List of Actors Who I Think Have the Most Punchable Faces

Okay so, first things first, obviously I don’t know any of these clowns personally … maybe they’re stand up dudes I don’t know man.

Also, this is not me saying I could take any of them in a fight; I am small, frail, and stuck in the body of a malnourished peasant boy.

Also, Also, they all make a buttload of money so I feel no guilt poking fun at their silly little faces.


Ight so first up we got my boy Jared Leto.

I think it might be the fact that he looks like he’s wearing the skin of another man that he shrink wrapped onto his head.

Combine that with his long greasy hair and you got a top notch punchable face.


I don’t know there’s something about this dude that’s just always rubbed me the wrong way.

He looks like he loves saying “boys will be boys.”

Bro’s got domestic abuser written all over his face and personally I don’t really rock with that.


This is a face molded by years of generational trauma.

His dad probably beat him and in turn he has probably beaten his children.

I will not elaborate any further.


Okay I have a feeling this one might be a little controversial so let me explain.

Every time I see this dude on screen I look into his eyes and I feel like there is no soul beneath them.

His face feels like an AI compiled Hollywood’s most handsome white boys.

He’s suspiciously handsome and I’d want to punch him to see if he was actually human or some robotic puppet.

Bro was decent in the Star Trek movies tho.


Can we all agree that Ross Geller is one of the most evil and heinous creatures to ever be on a popular sitcom?

Actually, my only beef with David Schwimmer really is the fact that he played Ross, and he played Ross a little too well.

He was the embodiment of “nice guys finish last” and then proceeded to cheat like four times.

And that’s all I got.

Let me know if you disagree or if I missed any obvious ones.


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