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  • Samantha Dorado


With my junior year of college about to finish, thoughts about my future are taking over. I have recently been finding myself drowning in my thoughts about my pace and if I am doing enough. Like I have said many times before, comparison is so wrong and we should never put ourselves in a situation where we continue to compare our progress with others, but it is easer said than done.

I often think about if the money I will be making will be more than enough to reach financial stability. I hold myself accountable for a lot and I maintain pretty high expectations for my future, which most likely has a lot to do with being the first daughter of immigrant parents that will be graduating college. I never want to feel like I am letting my family down and want to set a good example for my sister.

The future is scary, and I am trying to get better at living in the moment. Experiencing the small things is crucial to an individuals progress and their character development. The experiences we go through make us all unique from each other, specially the way we handle them.


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