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Afrojack slows the beat down: “You & I” production

2014 seems to be a milestone for the twenty-six-year-old Dutch producer, Nick van de Wall. Better known as Afrojack, his tracks have been climbing the charts while showcasing his success.

With track releases of “Ten Feet Tall,” “Musician,” and recent remixes of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” and Tiesto’s “Red Lights,” audiences can barely keep up with Afrojack’s productions, performances, and collaborations.

Fans are definitely ready for Afrojack’s new album that is rumored to include artists like Jennifer Lopez and Wiz Khalifa. Snoop Dog’s appearance on the album was confirmed recently with a sneak peak of the album track uploaded by Afrojack on Instagram.

His famous beat drops and EDM sound are easily pinpointed amidst other artists, but Afrojack’s production of “You & I” for Anouk is slowing down that pumped up beat.

The young producer has made it known via twitter recently that he isn’t a “purist.” In fact, Afrojack said he likes “making Dance, Hiphop, Trap, EDM and way more.” The cherry on top of his statement was his last sentence: “Fuck boxes.”

Well surely Afrojack is an eclectic producer who appreciates all types of music, but does this mean we’ll be hearing new tracks with a sound different than his signature style?

Listen to Anouk’s song “You & I” produced by Afrojack:


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