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Ah, stress!

There comes a moment in every college student‘s life where all the craziness of life, school and responsibilities come crashing down on our heads and we feel like this poor guy:


These are the times I say “Ah, stress!”

Thanks to my favorite stressed-out prince (Lee Jae Ha from The King: 2 Hearts), I can kick back and relieve my anxiety in a single dramatic moment like this:

Or my personal favorite…

Whether it’s balancing internships with jobs, dancing with blogging, trying to make it to the gym or just keeping up with homework, we all have these moments.

Some of us more than others.

And sometimes, there’s just nothing better than indulging in a pity-party with your favorite food, some wine or a good action movie.

You can veg out on the couch and catch up on the show you’re three seasons behind on, go for a walk and enjoy the weather you usually only see in passing, or head to the roof with a steaming hot beverage and an exciting book.

(I pick the last one!)

Doesn’t matter if you’re Moscato or Merlot, Jason Statham or Jane Austen, a long, quiet walk or a night at the club. When you stressed, don’t try to push through or tell yourself to man up and move on.

I mean, don’t completely drop your life and moan endlessly about the depths of despair or anything, but we all deserve a break once in a while. Try to find a way to get out of your routine, if only temporarily.

Now of course, this is a classic case of pot and kettle. But I always find I feel better after telling other people what to do.

Have a good weekend and here’s Wake Up, by Sung-Joon to keep your spirits up!

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