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am i doing enough?

I sometimes feel like what I am doing is not enough. I am one of those people — and I hate to admit it — that compares themselves to others. Am I not saving enough? How do I save money? How can I do better in school? Can I find a better job? It becomes so draining to the point where I make everything a routine.

I hate routines because they get very boring. A bit of structure works fine, but not too much. It is sooo draining being a student and working, and still not feeling like I am doing enough to benefit me now and my future. Is it better to live in the moment? Well if I do, I wont do anything to help my future. One thing leads to another and I get stuck.

I think about how life could’ve been so different if I was more outgoing, procrastinated less, made different friends. Does this mean I am not happy now? No, but there are so many things I would want to change. Am I being a good partner? A good friend? Daughter? Sister?

Yeah whatever happens, happens for a reason, but what do I do now?


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