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Ambition vs. Indolence

Good morning good morning good morning! Rachtheblog here with a narrative I created when overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do. School can be difficult when our ambition is down, and laziness, or in the story’s case, indolence, is up. I’ve noticed that the times where I need extra ambition and don’t have the time to deal with my inner indolence, are also the times where I procrastinate the most. What’s up with that?? 

Before sharing my story, let’s look at our weekly affirmation:

I am proud of myself for doing the absolute best I can.

“Everyone needs to calm down,” as my mom used to say when we would drive down any busy street on any day at any time. There’s no need to compare our situations to other people’s. Everyone is in a different spot in their lives, everyone’s path is different, and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses that impact their journeys. Keep pursuing your goals, we got this. 

Now for the narrative, I recommend listening to this song while reading:

One. Two. Ambition sitting in an armchair. An odd sight to see on a winter morning in the middle of February. Ambition’s jet-blue eyes, determinedly fixed on the notebook. The composition notebook settled on the 60s retro, vintage, aged cedar wood coffee table. On the 2nd page, it reads Tuesday, February 2nd. Ambition’s clock is counting down. Two. One. 

Indolence standing next to the cherry-red door. Heat can’t help but escape through the floorboards. An uncomfortable sensation to feel on a winter morning in the middle of February. Laughter echoes around the looming essence of Ambition’s plans. Indolence shifts to the right and dissipates. 

The 3rd page of the composition notebook on the coffee table flips backwards.

I rip up the first draft. 200 pieces. The bright sun emanating through the skylight shifts dully to the left. Daydream Believer slowly fades to silence. Tick goes the clock, as it strikes 2 pm. 

One. Two. Ambition is next to me, in the pastel yellow armchair I set up in my living room, awaiting the arrival. Two minutes every Tuesday. I meet their eyes as they travel down to my notebook, nothing but “Tuesday, February 2nd” written on the top. Ambition sighs in defeat and drifts away, between the lines, the blue lines of the page. Two. One. 

Indolence is back, staring at me from the front door. Gently, they lift their hand and beckon me towards them. I can’t help but follow their gaze as it travels to the floorboards of the hallway. Red seeping through the cracks of the floor, I slip through the cracks in the floor, I give in to the heat. 

The 2nd page of the composition notebook on the coffee table flips forward.

And…done. Two-hundred pages, the conflict between the two sides of the mind shrinking to almost nothing. Just a hint of clash can be heard above the ticking of the clock. 

Ambition one. Indolence zero.


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