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American Horror Story


The devious ways of Fiona, the anger of Madame Marie Laveau, the creepiness of Nan; all of these things attract me to American Horror Story: Coven. In the past, I was a fan of the American Horror Story series, but not as much as now. Sure, American Horror Story: Asylum was freaking crazy (I never actually finished the series, so no spoilers ;)), but I feel this one takes the cake. Not only are the cast members bigger and better- Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, hello!!- but the story line is more realistic and intriguing. For instance, I bet most AHS viewers did not do their research on the women and men of the new cast (I had to,I’m a nerd like that). In real life,  Madame Marie Laveau was a real voodoo queen of New Orleans (aka the Queen of Voodoo). Laveau is blamed for the deaths of one Governor and one Lieutenant Governor , the power of blackmail, and running a prostitution house. but, she also had some good qualities like helping people find love, being something similar to a nurse, and being a humanist Creole woman. People honestly value her and her crazy daughter for their actions. Some believe she actually helps them find what they are looking for in life. In comparison, Madame Delaphine  LaLaurie  was a torturer of slaves in her French Quarter home. Just like in the show, it has been said that she hung, beat, mutilated, caged, and murdered slaves for no apparent reason.After police found the slaves in her attic (a fire saved those souls), she and her family were run out of town by an angry New Orleans mob (New Orleans did not allow the mistreatment of slaves).  Of course, following the removal of LaLaurie and her family, rumors that the property is haunted with dead slaves  have occurred. However, it has been said that chained slave spirits have even attacked some residents in the French Quarters. Also, all of the people who have owned the property after Madame LaLaurie have had some trouble, one way or another (either financially, emotionally, or somewhere in between). Likewise, the Axeman was actually an unidentified serial killer in New Orleans, but he was not sleeping with a dying witch either.

In retrospect, I never really care about the programs I watch unless they are entertaining or informative. I guess American Horror Story does a bit of both for me with a history lesson and some jaw dropping scenes (episode where Zoe killed Spaulding, major kudos to Zoe!!!). I like the fact that the AHS producers and creators include all races, sizes, age groups, and social misfits as their cast. But also, the suspense is worth it; American Horror Story always delivers.




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