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Are You Interested In Photography?

As we are in an ever-evolving world in the digital era, social media and online platforms have opened new ways to share. With platforms such as Instagram, Flickr, 500px, Twitter, and more – the presence of photography and images are growing exponentially. Not to mention how much the smart phone industry has grown, it seems these days everyone can take up photography whether it be from their cellphone or from a DSLR. And to be quite frank, that is true. Everyone can do it. The accessibility to a “good camera” is available in your pocket! The quality of a cellphone camera has grown tremendously over the course of the last decade.

In fact, here is a picture from an iPhone 3GS which was released in 2009, basically 7 years ago!


iPhone 3GS Photo courtesy of Google Search.

What do we have now? Here is a photo from an iPhone from the most recent generation.


iPhone 6 Photo courtesy of the amazingly talented @cocu_liu.

It is safe to say – the scope of photography has exploded since the inception of mobile photography, quality camera phones, and social media. Samsung, LG, Apple, etc. have all developed amazing cameras in a device you carry every single day!

As a photographer and student myself, I first fell in love with photography through mobile photography. Why? Well, I couldn’t afford a DSLR camera. For a lack of better words, I was broke. The only thing I could take pictures with was my smart phone to which I used as my tool to capture. This leads me to my next point in photography. A lot of questions arise about what is the best camera to buy, which brand and etc.

Here is the thing:

The best camera is the one you have with you. (There is a book on this that I would highly suggest too.) It truly is and it is a concept or term that I believe in whole-heartedly. A tool does not make an artist, it only accentuates the craft. Whoa, whoa slow down. Let me explain why I believe in this and how it can tie into any other craft.

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend. Does it really matter what skateboard Tony Hawk is using? He is a legend at his craft not because of his skateboard but because of his dedication, hard work, time devotion, passion and the list goes on. The skateboard does not perform the tricks. He does.

Does the microphone of a music artist make them better? Technically speaking, they sound better but it doesn’t boost their vocal range for a singer nor does it help them develop poetry and wordplay for a rapper.

Same applies to photography. The camera is only an accessory and tool to your craft. It does not make your craft. Don’t worry about what camera is the best to get because if you want the brutally honest answer, I would tell you to get the 5 figure camera to which is more or less unattainable for most. So, what now?

If you are really interested in photography, just do it. If you are interested in anything, just do it! Don’t stress on the equipment. The passion, the hard work, the dedication, the vision, the hustle, the time, etc. will develop you in your craft FAR more than your tools. This applies to any and all crafts.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

I plan to continue to writing some more about photography since it is a subject I am passionate about – call this the Introduction and expect a series, haha.

Stay up to date and connect with me for more! Or write me at with an questions, comments, concerns, or complaints.

**Remember, please take this article with a grain of salt. I am by no means considered a professional or expert at photography. These opinions formed are of my own.


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