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Balle Balle!


Bollywood is on my brain tonight, so before I head to bed, here’s my spiel:

Bollywood dancing is AWESOME! Good cardio, fast-paced, colourful costumes, the works. I loved it from the first moment I stepped into that Saturday morning class 4 years ago.

The beats are so rhythmic and infectious, it’s almost impossible to listen to a Bollywood song and not want to jump up and learn how to “pat the dog and screw the light bulb”! I know it’s late, so I’ll leave you with a song from one of my favorite films of all time, based on my favorite book of all time (some of you may recognize the picture) called “Bride and Prejudice“.


OH, and before I forget, check out Bollywood Grooves. Ajanta-ji is a great teacher and I have loved every minute dancing with the troupe so far. Check out the website and classes for yourself!

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