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Balle Balle!

…And the genre of the week is Bollywood! Big dance beats and easy to follow music! This is my favorite genre. Being a part of the Bollywood Groove dance troupe, I feel the need to do a bit of self-promoting.

Bollywood music, though it has a long traditional history, is a relatively new genre on the international market. Although there are many South Asian residents in the U.S., Bollywood is still a very niche genre and can often be difficult to find (don’t get me started on trying to find movies with English subtitles!). But the music itself is made for dancing. Simple, strong beats in the traditional bhangra, or even more hip-hoppy style, allow even full-blooded non-Indians to show their moves on the dance floor.

With and eclectic mix of classical Indian dance and hip-hop, a fusion of East and West, Hindi lyrics mix with English, rap is introduced and even the dancing is more standardized. There are a couple of my favorite examples to give you a look into my all-time favorite genre.

So check out Bollywood Groove, the awesome-est Bollywood dance company in Chi-town. They have a good deal on packages and it’s close to UIC East Campus as well.

I am addicted to the culture, the food and dance styles and can honestly say that not only is the dancing guaranteed to get you in shape, it’s fun, it’s fast and it’s a great introduction to an amazing and exotic culture.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

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