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Behave Yourself.

If I had to choose one artist whose work never fails to surprise me, it would be Jack White.

I know I’ve posted about this man multiple times already, but every time I’m on the internet, I see something new about him and excitedly wonder “what’s he done now?”

So here it is: your official Jack White update is…

He has released a new interactive music video for his song “That Bat Black Licorice”!


The keyword here is interactive. In this case, the viewer is able to watch 3 different music videos in one, giving a different experience in each video. If you hit play, you’ll be able to see a hand-drawn animated version of Jack White throughout, but if you hit 3 or B and hold, you are able to see either a life-action version of the man himself, or a series of clips of people head banging in the third.


Jack White has seemed very into the 2 or 3-in-one deal when it comes to his album Lazaretto, as we’ve seen before with his vinyl edition of the album, in which he has two alternate intros to one song, among other things.

So check out the Third Man’s work by clicking here and play around with the alternate videos by pressing 3 or B on your keyboard and let me know what you think of it!


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