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Black Friday


I would like to take this time and speak to you guys about Black Friday. I do not like this day of consumerism at all.  Obviously everyone knows what black Friday is, and just how crazy it is. There have been cases where a horde of people have literally trampled workers. Can someone explain to me how in the hope of getting some cheap deals, people literally stomped someone to death. I also think that black Friday hurts Thanksgiving, as people have started lining up on Thanksgiving.

The deals on black Friday aren’t not exactly premium deals either. Many times the “amazing black Friday deals” are just products that are going to have price reductions anyway. Also online shopping deals such as the ones on Cyber Monday are deals that are just as good.

The main point in me writing this is maybe we should chill on the Black Friday this year. Maybe we can actually have dinner at 7 on Thanksgiving, instead of 3 so we can get a good spot in line at best buy. And honestly maybe we can just shop online this year.


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