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Bleached consists of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin and guests. With a punk style and more pop, garage rock sound, these girls produce well rounded music that even your parents can approve of. A little old school punk like the Ramones but with a strong helping of 80’s female power rock resembling Blondie. I can’t help but think of LA in 1982 when I hear their music; picturing the members going through the Galleria in the Valley bullying preppy girls, eating junk food and being rambunctious. Some of their songs can definitely transport you back into a Fast Times At Ridgemont High setting.

I saw them perform live over winter break when I went home to Orange County, CA, and I must say, it was an extremely fun show. With such upbeat songs and happy guitar riffs you can’t help but have a smile on your face the entire time.

If you want to experience these girls perform right in front of you, they will be playing at the Subterranean on April 27 with Ex Cops and Hunters. $10 17+, come out. I’ll be there, will you?

More video after the jump, bros.

-Nick Mosca


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