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Boombox & the Psychedelic Experience

I had the opportunity to take a trip up to Lansing, MI (3 hour drive if anyone was wondering) to see Boombox–a band capable of mastering the fusion of Rock, Blues, and funky house beats. With a name like Boombox, I expected nothing less than a show with a blaring bass and beats.

Amidst the Michigan State University students drenched in green glitter and beer, we arrived fashionably late in time to hear the headliners–Boombox. The instant they began to play, the bass vibrated through to the floor and I wondered how all that sound could come from two men in furry hats and sunglasses! And this wasn’t your typical crowd. No crowd surfing or moshpits, but rather a lot of swaying to the music.

Despite my description, front men Russ Randolph and Zion Godchaux claim they play nothing but Rock n’ Roll. I like to call it Psychedelic House, music that transcends through language and time created to stimulate your mind by leaving out lyrics to allow you to focus on the beat. Trippy huh?

This style is no accident, Godchaux, guitar/vocalist, is son of Grateful Dead’s Keith and Donna Godchaux–contributers to the Psychedelic music movement in the 60s.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience that I recommend to everyone—and all for $20? An affordable St.Patrick’s Day weekend indeed.

So, relax & enjoy!

Check out their interview here :


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