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boygenius and the record: Analysis and Predictions

As many of us may have noticed, the trio of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus has set before us another work of sonic wonder. It’s been roughly 5 years since boygenius released their last EP, and this one is no less stunning. Upon a few listens, we have some review and expectation from each song.


The release starts with an upbeat girl rock anthem, holding themes of fun and living recklessly. Bad ideas and spontaneous summers. The track takes a turn about halfway through, becoming more sinister and rooted in the reality of a struggle that ties us down. Running out of resources, doing what you have to and the echo of a beggar. This could be the protagonist of the song progressing once the money is gone, screaming out for something as small as $20, or someone the protagonist encounters along their path of a sobering reality. A reality in which life cannot be only fun and excitement, but is actually scattered with obstacles and dead ends.

“True Blue”

A cold person and a sour dynamic that still hold so much empathy. The progression of a relationship. Relaying the old sweet parts and the change that maybe led to where they are now. Perhaps the characters settle finding comfort in one another even given the ugly parts. In a spot where, though someone is bad for you, they seem to be more a part of you than your own mind, at times singing slowly, “I remember who I am when I’m with you.” This song encases the mellow sweet sound which boygenius does so well.

“Emily I’m Sorry”

Fans speculate that this is about Bridgers’ polyamorous relationship with Chris Nelson and Emily Bannon. The track is deeply reflective and lovingly regretful, set in a place of distaste for yourself which inhibits your ability to love someone. Understanding their distance, but wanting anything better. This is shown in the second verse. The perspective of what seems to be a manic dream, taking life somewhere else without regards for rules and statutes. Sonically the verse ends in a fluttering echo and soft spiraling keys. When the only thing you love about yourself is who your heart belongs to. It’s a whimsical longing lullaby.

As boygenius tends to do so well, I have a feeling that their upcoming project, the record, will be full of their classic nostalgia and intrapersonal/ interpersonal dialogue of a conflicted mind. The first Boygenius EP was short, sweet and meaningful, so it would be perfectly paced for that to stay the same. That being said, what we’ve seen could be what we’re used to while the trio saves some surprises for later. I suppose we’ll know when the full album releases on March 31st.


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