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Broad City is the Comedy Show You Should Be Watching

Posted on March 07, 2019

Broad City is a real comedy that many can relate to.


With the hit Comedy Central show in its fifth and final season, I thought it was a perfect time to talk about what makes this show so awesome. While I’m sad that this genius of a show is coming to an end, I’m glad it’s gonna end on a high note, instead of going on forever and eventually burn out.

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The series is created by and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. It was originally a web series but was picked up in 2014 by Comedy Central. It takes place in New York and portrays their real-life friendship, all while trying to “make it” in the city. Abbi and Ilana both met in college, where the two became friends. Throughout the show, Abbi is trying to become an illustrator and does many different things to try and sell her art. Abbi lives with her friend, who is never seen in the show, and her roommate’s boyfriend, Bevers, is the one seen instead. He and Abbi butt heads a lot, due to his messy nature. Abbi works at a place called “Soulstice” where she originally worked as a cleaner but eventually gets promoted to a trainer. She eventually dates her boss, Trey. In the early seasons, she has a crush on her neighbor, and something finally happens between them, but then is abruptly ended. Abbi also has an obsession with Bed, Bath and Beyond, but honestly, who doesn’t? Ilana just hates to work (like I said earlier, who doesn’t?) and will move around jobs a lot. She gets fired from her longtime job for posting an inappropriate gif on her companies Twitter page. Ilana lives with her gay roommate, Jaime. Ilana is the one to come up with different schemes, or ideas, for the ladies to do around the city. The ladies get into many different scenarios throughout the city, normally due to Ilana not wanting to work. She also is in an on again/off again unofficial relationship with Lincoln (who is played by Hannibal Buress). He is also a great friend to Abbi.

Both ladies are of Jewish background, and that is shown throughout the show. The show also addresses important issues, even if they are not directly stated. A lot of these issues deal with being a woman in a big city and experiencing life. Most recently, season 4 was originally written for Hillary Clinton winning the presidency, but after that not happening, they had to rewrite the season. (Hillary Clinton does guest star at one point, so that was pretty rad.) So, every time Tr**ps name is mentioned, they bleep it (sorta like I did here), and that is a major power move if you ask me. None of the girls live lavishly, and that is even shown when Abbi buys a dress she can’t afford but never returns. It becomes a recurring joke throughout the show, and she wears it multiple times. Ilana has crazy outfits, but they suit her personality. Neither of them are ashamed to be who they are, no matter what happens. They’re great friends to each other, and support each other no matter what. Even when they fight, they eventually always come back to each other. It’s a love story between two best friends, with comedy and real-life elements in between.

The show can be vulgar at times, but it’s also real. The ladies aren’t afraid to show who they really are, even if it distances some people. It’s refreshing to see a show where women are the lead, and are funny, without having to change some part of themselves. There are many moments within the show I can relate to, and I think many others can relate to as well. The show is refreshing and is different from typical comedy shows. The most recent episode had the ladies in Florida, where Fran Drescher guest starred as Ilana’s aunt. They’re in a retirement community, where all the old people have guns, and are a stereotype-racist, and love Trump. It’s a joke, but also relevant to today’s time. They realize how much better they enjoy New York, no matter how dirty or expensive it is. It’s the little things like this, that make the show funny, and real.

Broad City definitely isn’t for everyone, but I personally think everyone should watch it. I don’t know if we’ll get another comedy like it, so we should enjoy it while it’s still here. It’s currently available to watch on Hulu, through season 4! It’s a fun, rewatchable comedy show! So go grab a friend, and check out Broad City!

Rating: 9/10

The show is great, and I, unfortunately, don’t watch it as often as I should.

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