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Call Me Crazy But…. I Love Sevyn Streeter

In the last few months, Sevyn Streeter has been trying her best to solidify her status a solo R&B diva. After years of setbacks, Streeter has finally released her debut EP “Call Me Crazy But…”. For the past few years, Sevyn has been writing hits for some of R&B’s biggest stars. She has written songs for Ariana Grande, Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, Alicia keys and so many more. Her undeniably clever songwriting is evident throughout the entire EP. The EP is lyrically daring and proves that artists do not need to dumb down their music for the sake of airplay and popularity. The lyrics to many of these songs are unlike anything I have ever heard in R&B and the EP avoids those corny R&B music cliches. Each and every song is memorable in its own way, and Sevyn was able to showcase her vocal prowess in a particularly impressive fashion. After listening to this EP several times, the future of R&B doesn’t seem so bleak. Impressive R&B showings like Streeters prove that R&B is here to stay and can find its way back into mainstream popularity. Streeter has a great formula and her career is slowly taking off. Hopefully, she continues to create some excellent music and isn’t discouraged by shaky status of R&B music. 

Check her out below.



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