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Catch The Throne II

As many may have heard, widely popular fantasy series Game of Thrones is returning to HBO in less than a month, on April 12th.

To honor the return of the series, HBO has released its mixtape Catch The Throne 2, featuring a variety of talented artists.


One of the songs in particular I’m really into is Snoop Dogg’s contribution, titled “Lannister’s Anthem” (because, c’mon, it’s Snoop Dogg). In this track, Snoop samples Tyrion and Joffrey, as well as rapping about what the Lannisters do best: betrayal, revenge, and murder.

One other song I like in particular on the mixtape is titled “Let Me Go” by Estelle, which was written in the point of view of Margaery Tyrell. Estelle sings “Kingdoms, they will come and go/Let me be the queen though/Before/They let me go,” describing Margaery’s struggle to become queen. She even samples Cersei Lannister, and Margaery and Olenna Tyrell. Listen below:

While these are two of my favorites, I don’t even touch on the variety the mixtape has going on, so after listening to these two, give the rest a listen as well for free on iTunes. Once you do, be sure to pay your debts by telling me what you think by commenting and sharing!


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