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CGC Fight Night Bout 1 @ UIC

Fernando Mendez | Posted on April 17, 2019

CGC Fight Night Bout 1 Taft Hall

Nick Magura

A Fighting Game Event Here on Campus!

The past Friday, April 12, CGC hosted a fighting game event called Fight Night Bout 1 @ UIC. The event took place in Taft Hall, Room 100 starting at 6pm and ending around 9:30pm.

The goal of Fight Night is to bring people together to play video games, primarily fighting games. People are free to bring whatever consoles they want. The room has eight monitors already set, meaning that no one has to bring extra monitors. Many people brought their Nintendo Switch to the event filling up nearly every TV with the rest being saved for the PS4 consoles.

CGC Fight Night

CGC Fight Night

Nick Magura

The main attraction of the event was the tournament. The tournament was for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a $5 entry fee with a $2 discount for those that brought a full setup (Nintendo Switch and a copy of Ultimate). The tournament was run under a double elimination bracket with a best 2/3 for every match and a best 3/5 during finals. The event had four monitors that were primarily used for the tournament while the other four were used for friendly setups. This allowed casuals and competitive players to have fun during the event without any interference.

CGC Fight Night Bout 1 @ UIC

Tournament match from CGC Fight Night Bout 1 at UIC

Nick Magura

I participated in the Super Smash Bros. tournament in order to test my skills in Ultimate. My first match was against a Pit player under the gamertag ‘yay’. The game was intense but I ended up losing with a 1-2, throwing me straight to loser’s bracket in the first round. The rest of my tournament run turned out better, I ended up winning the next three games in the loser’s bracket. It wasn’t until I made it to loser’s semifinals where I faced the same exact opponent that beat me in the first round. After another intense match, I was bested again with an 0-2. She would then end up making it to grand finals. Despite my loss, I still enjoyed participating in the tournament and even gave me some ideas in how to improve in the future. On the side I played some friendly matches in Super Smash Bros. and Dragon Ball Fighterz.

CGC Fight Night Bout 1 @ UIC

Grand Finals yay vs Joshking

Nick Magurayay (left) vs Joshking (right) in the Grand Finals!

Grand finals was, for lack of a better term, hype! This was it, the two best players in the room would face each other on one monitor, Joshking and yay. All the other consoles in the room were cleaned up in order to bring attention to the final match of the night. The table with the two competitors was packed with spectators looking at one screen watching in suspense. The match went back and forth with yay sticking to Pit the entire match, while Joshking picked different characters. In the end, Joshking won 3-2 winning his final game with Alph. The bracket can be found in the link below.

CGC Fight Night Bout 1 @ UIC

Spectator watching grand finals from CGC Fight Night

Nick MaguraPeople crowded around to watch grand finals!

The event gave me the same feeling I had when I go to other fighting game events like Frosty Faustings or Ignite. It was hype, it was fun, and it was everything that makes the FGC great in one place on campus. I definitely recommend the event for anyone that wants to have a good time playing Smash Bros. or other fighting games with other people. The rest of the events will take place on April 19 and April 26 at 6pm-9pm in Taft Hall Room 100.

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