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Chi City Cypher Vol. 7 Gizzo Productions


Chi City Cypher is making moves, reppin Chicago and hip hop to the fullest with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Volume 7 made its debut on Feb 1st featuring 13 emcees. Coming together to rep their city, their hood, they fam, or just solo dolo… represent themselves. Each emcee showcasing different styles, delivery, and perspectives.

Now!… I will not name names… due to promise and respect for “the code” lol but, one emcee took me to the side.  And gave me the opportunity to listen to “some new exclusive ish” that is still in the works and soon to be released. That’s all I can rely for now, but stay posted to “4 Chi City Radio” and the emcees from Chi City Cypher to find out!! wink wink!! That’s an early warning… consider yourself warned!

I first heard of the cypher through my bro, hip hop artist El Arab Arab. He did his thing in Chi City Cypher Vol. 5. He is currently working on his upcoming album titled “Red Flag Muzik” due to release early summer. Check the video below, to see the emcees in action Chi City Cypher Vol. 7! Leave a comment of your favorite emcee.

Gizzo of Gizzo Productions is the master mind, from which all things Chi City Cypher flow. Starting back, a few years ago and keeping the tradition of the cypher in rotation. His right hand man emcee Loke, and Chi City Cypher 1st lady femcee Lady T is the formula of the team, and together they make history. They are making moves collectively and individually. S/O to all emcees a part of the cypher and supporting the movement. Lady T is the latest addition to the team, representing for the ladies!!  They gave me a heads up, informing me that they plan on making the next cypher an ALL FEMALE EMCEE LINE UP!!!

Interested in being in the next Chi City Cypher? Know of an emcee, or femcee that you think should be a part of the next cypher? Contact Gizzo Productions at

Log on to

Sunday nights 6-8pm “4 Chi City Radio”

Hosted by B Roc

Thanks for rocking wit me!!

ig @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio


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