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  • Veronica Trax

Chill Study Music

Finals are approaching and you know what that means — time to study! Studying for finals is what we all dread, but I have tips that will help you have a quality study-sesh. Listening to music while studying has many benefits. Music can reduce stress while performing academic tasks, music helps you absorb information and music can help your brain focus. Below are my tips: a.k.a my favorite playlists/songs to listen to while I study. 

  1. Diego R. Guitar Covers:

  1. Your Favorite Song — Slowed and Reverbed: It is so easy to find calm remixes of your favorite song. Lately the trend of “slow n reverb” songs has been blowing up on YouTube and Soundcloud. I love this trend because it stretches your favorite songs out into great study music. This tip is also universal as it fits to your own style of music! All you need to do is search for your favorite artist “slow n reverb” on music platforms. I really “enjoy slow n reverb” SZA:

  1. Lana Del Rey:

  1. Instrumental of Your Favorite Song: I was once told that to run for a longer time you should listen to the instrumentals of songs, meaning no lyrics whatsoever. For some reason this hack helps you forget that you are running, and I think it can do the same for studying. If you listen to the instrumental track of songs, they could put you in a focused mindset that does not even feel like you are studying. Maybe it will help you study for a longer time. Here is a full playlist I found a few years ago of Metro Boomin’s instrumentals that helped me work through homework and studying efficiently:

I hope these music hacks help you survive during this brutal upcoming week of non-stop studying!

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