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  • Veronica Trax

Christmas-ing in Chicago

Winter break means time to go on festive holiday adventures! Here are some fun holiday events to go explore in Chicago this year! These events are cost effective and perfect to do with your loved ones, family and friends!


Enjoy a german themed christmas market with festive decor, unique vendor stands, german foods and drinks. The Christkindlmarket is free to enter and has two locations in Chicago: WrigleyVille and the Loop. This is my all time favorite Christmas event to do in Chicago because it feels eclectic. Every year I love to go and try a new German food and get a hot chocolate in a mug (that you can keep). I have been to both locations in Chicago, however, I prefer Wrigleyville. I prefer the Wrigleyville location because it is more spread out, less crowded, and is right in front of the historic Wrigley Field. The Wrigleyville location is more enjoyable and special in my opinion.

ZooLights at Lincoln Park

This festivity has a $5 entrance fee unless it is Monday (Mondays are free). ZooLights feels like a Christmas wonderland. The entire zoo is decorated with lights everywhere, decorated exhibits, and small fire pits to make smores. The decorations also are choreographed to change colors with different songs. To purchase tickets:

Michigan Avenue

Grab a hot chocolate and take a stroll down Michigan Avenue to see all sorts of Christmas decor. The street has everything from a big Christmas tree to spectacular holiday lights blending in with amazing architecture. Macy’s on Michigan also adds to the decor with a row of beautiful Christmas Trumpets.

Stay In — Christmas Themed Night

Grab your friends, family or significant others, and have a Christmas themed night! Make Christmas themed cookies, decorate gingerbread houses, make hot chocolate or watch a Christmas movie! These nights are the best with your favorite people because they are relaxed and memorable. Some Christmas movies I love and recommend to watch are: Christmas with the Kranks, Four Christmases, and Last Christmas. I also enjoy watching Christmas episodes of Friends: Season 2-Episode 9, Season 3-Episode 10, Season 4-Episode 10, Season 5-Episode 10, Season 6-Episode 10. 

Cold weather during the holiday season can bring a lack of motivation to go and participate in Christmas Festivities. These events are easy ways to get moving and make memories! Enjoy these adventures this season!


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