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Chuu kicked out and Loona’s disbandment

While trying to enjoy a peaceful Thanksgiving break, I discovered that one of the talented idols from the girl group, Loona, had recently been kicked out by the company Blockberry Creative. This left many “orbits,” such as myself, in shock and in utter disbelief. Soon after, Loona disbanded and announced a week later that they would make a comeback with 11 members. The fanbase was happy about their disbandment, but not about the comeback. Why was she kicked out you ask? And why was the fandom happy after the group’s disbandment? Let’s dive in. 

Chuu is deemed as one of the sweetest idols in the K-pop industry. She treats her fanbase and group members with kindness and respect. One of her most popular solo songs is “Heart Attack (츄).”

Chuu was kicked out for supposedly “arguing” and being aggressive to the staff. Fans believe that she was only sticking up for herself and confronting Blockberry Creative for how they are underpaid and overworked as entertainers. 

Many orbits were happy as to the group disbanding because of this. I feel relieved for them as well, as I found it uncomfortable to see them not doing so smooth on their recent U.S tour.

I feel that this is just the beginning to women in the entertainment industry being able to stand up for themselves and pursue their careers in better circumstances. I think the work that idols put in is often overlooked. Instead of being upset with artists and their teams for being on breaks or leaving a toxic company, that is something to be relieved about.


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