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Cloud Computing: “Wait What?”

Cloud Computing. to me, this sounds so powerful, and rich, but what even is it? I do not  exactly remember where I heard this word for the first time, but after going to college, I have begun to hear it more often. I started becoming more fascinated by the term, and wanted to learn more about cloud and servers. That is when I started researching cloud computing. Before we go into technical terminology, many people use cloud technology in their day to day life without knowing, and one of the biggest examples is Google Drive and Box.

So, what is cloud computing? It is the replacement for data centers, rather than physically maintaining the data centers for databases, hosting a website, etc. Now you can do all those things in the cloud. Once upon a time, when there was no cloud computing, people used to physically maintain servers at data centers, however they began to cost a fortune because companies had to lease them for a certain time, and to pay for the entire pricing. Luckily this has changed after introducing clouds. People can just pay what services they are using and how long their usage of duration was. The biggest advantage (keeping money aside) is safety during natural disasters, nothing will happen to cloud data centers because it transfers data immediately if something happens to its data center.

Why am I talking about cloud computing? Because cloud computing has been one of the most popular jobs of the last decade, companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle and many more companies are looking for people with experience in cloud computing. Similar to LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, eDx, and even Amazon have some free courses, and paid courses online. Basic computer programming skills are required before jumping into this big ocean, however it is a great field to start exploring. 


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