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Concert Withdrawal

This always happens to me after a concert. I count down the months, the weeks, the days then the hours. I have the time of my life and then, in what feels like a blink of an eye, it’s over. I re-watch the videos and stare at the pictures for a week with gratitude but also nostalgia.

Those of you that went to see any recent artist that came to Chicago: Simple Plan, Mana, Sum 41, Green Day, Kanye West etc. may be going through similar concert withdrawal symptoms.

A list of things we do after a great concert:

  1. Listen to the band’s songs that they played live over and over again

  2. The songs, and the concert is all you can think about. You listen to these songs so much that they get stuck in your head at the worst times, like at a job interview. The interviewer asks where you see yourself in five years and you can’t help but think, “at a Green Day concert.” The lyrics for “American Idiot” are all that run through your mind while you bop your head unknowingly and now the interviewer is looking at you strangely. He just asked a question but you have no idea what he said. “What?”

  3. Watch their music videos and live concert videos

  4. Re-watch all of their music videos that you’ve watched 5749 times or haven’t seen in awhile. Occasionally wipe away the tears as you watch live concert videos on your phone wishing you were there again.

  5. Upload everything to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

  6. Brag about how awesome the concert was on social media and hope for a like from the band while tagging them in every post you make.

  1. Reevaluate your life and decisions

  2. While at work the next day think about how just 24 hours, a week or a month ago you were at an awesome concert and not stuck at work looking miserable. You’ve spent days, weeks, maybe even months counting down until you see this artist, now reevaluate what you have to look forward to.

  3. Realize you’re getting old

  4. The next day you wake up sore from pushing off the people in the crowd that have no boundaries or knowledge that you are much smaller. Also sore from jumping, you lose your voice from screaming way too loud and hurting the ears of the people around you.

  5. Get your life together again

  6. Start completing your assignments on time again, start looking a bit less miserable at work and buy tickets to another concert to look forward to.

Leave a comment below about what concert you experienced concert withdrawal with!



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