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  • Tess Wyniemko

Confidants 15:8

The Thursday night in my best friends apartment, surrounded by my loved ones is church

The separate cups of chamomile and jasmine tea are the body of blood

We drink to be whole, and sip as the time passes slowly, and we all melt together as one

We worship the stories of our lives, the ones we are still getting to learn about each other

And the the laughter in between becomes our hymns

We will sit down together and dawn butter noodles that in this moment have become communion, the body of Christ.

I will request that we hold hands and bless our food, and despite it being a joke, it solidifies the joy and the community I am so proud to belong to 

The hugs we never skip as we depart bring peace within us as an exchange of love

I do wholeheartedly hope that peace may be with each and every one of them. They need it sometimes more than they know

The culmination of friendship guides me further than they may even know. Amen. 



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