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Controversial South African Rap Duo Returns to Chicago this Spring

I have been contemplating going to a Die Antwoord show for a while, and I think I’m finally ready. Die Antwoord (meaning ‘The Answer” in Afrikaans) is composed of two vocalists: Ninja and Yolandi Visser, along with their producer: Dj Hi-Tek. This group is known for their bizarre videos and Yolandi’s “creepy” voice. Some aspects of their videos may seem racist, but they claim that racism has become obsolete in South Africa so there should be no offense taken. Most areas of South Africa are definitely still experiencing racism, but if Die Antwoord claims they are not racists then I don’t see reason to believe they are, even though Yolandi is painted black in the video “Fatty Fatty Boom Boom” (which is too inappropriate to post, but it makes fun of Lady Gaga, so I recommend watching it). The least inappropriate, but still entertaining, video that I could find is of “I Fink You Freeky” which you can watch below. Die Antwoord will be playing at the Riviera Theater on June 3rd.


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