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  • Samantha Dorado


At the beginning of my college journey I felt very alone. I always heard people say “the people you meet during college, will be your friends forever,” but it was something I found hard to believe until I met Karen: my Co-Host for our podcast Brutalmente Fresas. She was the first genuine friend I made at UIC. We bonded over our relationship status at the time, our energies, and just how compatible we were. With 2 years of being best friends, we have endured several hardships, like heartbreak. As besties who were both in long term relationships, we have found it easier to heal having one another. But of course, we both have our trauma from our past relationships, which is why this blog is couples therapy.

Karen and I have entered our single era and we have been very ATTACHED to one another. When I say that Karen and I treat our friendship like a relationship, I am not lying. The bond we have created, especially after our breakups, has only brought us closer and has allowed us to create boundaries when it comes to what we find disrespectful within our friendship. We have created such a comforting and welcoming environment for one another where we can both yap about anything to each other without feeling any sort of judgement. Now, here is my advice for those really strong, relationship-like-friendships.

Really communicate with one another. I am someone who tends to heavily feed off my friend's energy, like if they are upset I will instantly change my whole mood just because I am a very compassionate person; I can feel what my friends are feeling, so making sure your friends know you are there for them in the good and bad times is crucial to building a strong and healthy friendship. If something is bothering you, whether it is in regard to their actions or something personal, let them know. A relationship is built on communication. 

-listen to Brutalmente Fresas on UIC Radio-

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