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Trending How: Looking Towards the Summer

Hii!! And welcome back to Trending How!!

It has certainly been a while since I've posted and I have missed you all!! This semester has certainly changed something, and so I want to look toward sunnier (and warmer) days ahead.

For the summer there are three routs that fashion will fall into, two are heavy on y2k, the first being a little bohemian, light feminine, beachy even, I've heard it be described as 'Greece' outfits.

The second is Tara Yummy. If you havent heard of the Yummy Mindset I don't know what rock you've been under but the late Winter/ Spring was dominated by the Youtuber.

And finally, we are going country. Not something that I'm totally excited for but many of my friends are getting down with the arival of the West.

After the winter, and even freezing sping that we had everyone is looking for a warm away, making Greece the perfect ideal.

A very similar vibe to the looks on H2O Just Add Water and classics from the early 2000s with sundresses, tank tops, and a very flowy feel.

With the sudden rise in poularity of Tumblr boosted one Tara Yummy to the top of everyone's feeds. The revitalization of KE$HA, clubbing, and a complete 180 from the cleangirl aesthetic.

Messier makeup, shorter and darker clothes, and the seemingly sudden craze of alternative fashion and people are all forcasted to remain this summer.

I would say that this trend did already peak but we will see lasting effects of it such as a 'Ke$ha girl summer' and revolting from the clean girl aesthetic.

And last but not least, the dark horse; Country?? Or as some may say, Cunt-ry!

As many know, the music industry and fashion have long been tied together and so when music goes country, so does out clothing.

We have been seeing this for a while now with Cowboy Boots coming into fashion, and now there has been a huge influx of cowboyhats in stores. Much like the Dustbowl, this cowboy craze is coming in fast.

Thank you so much for reading this addition of Trending How! I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you notice any of these to be true!!


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