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Data Science, Wait What?

Krish Bavana | Posted on November 22, 2019

Data Visualization


Is Data Science good career path?

Data science, data science, and data science. I heard this word for the first time in my sophomore year of high school. Since then, many things have changed in the data science industry. Until 2015 data science was not a big profession, but from 2016 things have changed and now it is one of the highest paid jobs in the market. Why did it get so popular and what do you need to know to become a data scientist?

What is Data Science? It is the study of data. Scientist usually analyzes the data and predict the future in their certain data by using algorithms, programs, and methods. One of the biggest companies, Facebook, uses data science all over it. Facebook uses our data and analyzes the data and gives us advertisements according to our data. If we search a lot about airway tickets, most of our ads will be about travel and flight tickets.

Why did data science get so popular? There is data all over the world and it is even more in the internet world. We need to understand that data and we need to predict what the audience wants and how it will change the future. We need complicated algorithms to solve those problems and to solve those complicated programs and understand the data, we need people with both mathematical knowledge and computer science knowledge. Data science is the stream where people have both math and computer science knowledge.

What skills do you need to be a data scientist? Data Science is one of the highest-paid in the market with around 100k salary. You need various skills to get into data science, few of them are, programming, machine learning, statistics, data visualization, and software engineering. If you are a programmer and if you are interested in becoming a data scientist, Python and R are the most used languages in Data Science, also a solid understanding of machine learning is the key for success. There are tutorials for Python and R all over the internet and there are some paid certifications for Data Science too.

(Before getting into data science, be sure to check out this article about python. Here is the link:


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