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Depop Tips from A Small Depop Seller

If you already haven’t heard about the ecommerce app Depop, then this is for you. Depop is used by millions worldwide to sell second hand (or new) items as a side hustle. For many, Depop has opened many doors for them including pop up shops, personal branding and becoming a verified seller. These opportunities have led many to become a full-time Depop sellers, making the app their only form of income. Although I am not there yet, I have 3 tips for those who want to start selling a Depop.

  1. Aesthetic

I think its important to figure out how you want to edit your photos, what type of background you want and the items you want to sell. For example, I like editing my pictures by changing the background to white and having a cut out of my item overlaid. I also only sell items that are mine and I have used in the past which fall under my personal aesthetic. People want to follow somebody who fits into their aesthetic.

  1. Captions

Being part of the Depop seller program these past few months, I learned that smaller captions lead to more interaction. Having too many words on the title for your item is too specific. For example, if you are selling a pair of Skin Cat Balenciaga sunglasses, just caption your item Balenciaga Glasses. The broader you are, the higher the chance that you’ll pop up on someone’s search.

  1. Customer Service

Treat Depop as an extension of the type of person you are. This is your shop and the way you interact with customers will help build your shop and your reviews. Being honest when describing your items, replying to customers and adding more pictures is important.

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